Note: the full minutes are circulated via SeeSaw to all parents, and include a list of parents and staff who attended. If you would like to attend future Parent Council meetings, please email

1. Welcome and introductions

Colin welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2. Approval of 6 February 2023 minutes

The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by Phil and seconded by Laura.

3. Actions from 6 February 2023

Colette confirmed that Councillor Ferguson did send her information via email regarding funding opportunities but the busses that were going to be paid for by the funds were no longer available. The information will be useful for next year.

Councillor Ferguson confirmed that the hedges impeding the sidewalk on Friarton Road are the responsibility of the Govanhill Housing Association. Following an incident recently seen by a concerned parent, he agreed to chase them up and see if it is possible for the Council to intercede if the GHA will not action quickly enough. He also noted that Friartion Road will be resurfaced within the next couple of months.

4. Headteacher’s Report


Colette has received links to apply for grants for transport and other costs of outings with students but there are no buses available for the rest of this term, so these opportunities will be revisited next year.


Ms Murray and Ms Timoney have been appointed as PTs in the school. There is a very busy term ahead, with a lot of outdoor learning days, and they will be working with classes with an outdoor learning theme.

Merrylee will not be losing any of the current teachers in the next session.

Ms Thompson has been given a permanent contract at Merrylee.

Colette thanked Ms Kearney for organising award proposals. Merrylee has received a retrospective Bronze Award and the application for Silver is now in progress.

There is a lot of changing taking place in the school between now and the next session. The P1 area is moving to where the P3s currently are and the outside space there is being developed for a playful learning approach.


P7s will continue to go to Galloway next year, and a new opportunity is being explored for P6s at £200 per student.

Work is underway on welcoming new P1 students.

Colette sent out a communication regarding composite classes to reassure parents that a student being part of a composite class is not a negative thing. In actuality those classes are smaller, and parents usually note it has been a positive experience for their students. It is expected there will be one each of P3/4 and P4/5 composite classes next year.

5. Report on the work of the PC


It was agreed to donate £100 to the PA.


The PC is in need of a new treasurer, which will be advertised on Seesaw. Colin will liaise with Laura and cover treasurer duties in the interim.

6. Report on the work of the PA

Review of events

– Green Fingers: Forty seedling kits have gone out to families, who will have the opportunity to plant their seedlings in the garden at the school if they would like to. The cost of these was £84.29, which will come out of PC funds.

– Spring Disco. This event was successful and enjoyed by those students who attended and adult volunteers who helped. It made a profit of £399.32.

– School Photos: Formal school photos were sent home with children today with orders due back at the end of the month. Yearbook information for P7s has also gone out, with no need for PA funding this year.

– The Guess the Baby competition that took place at the last parent/teacher event was well received and the winner took home a £25 voucher for Shawlands Shops.

Upcoming events

– Summer Faire: This has been rescheduled for 10th June tentatively for the let request. The shift options for volunteers are from 9am-11am, 11am-1pm, or the whole four hours. There will be many different stalls as well as second hand books and toys.


The PA finances currently sit at £2222.73.

7. AOB

School Activities         

Parents queried what other activities are available for students and whether the desire for more artistic and creative activities for students can be taken into consideration. Colette confirmed that at the start of the next time there will be further discussions around new activities and what they will focus on.

The Pitch

Councillor Ferguson agreed to put Ross in touch with Jim Cane to help with the details of funding opportunities for the new pitch.


It was noted that the Catchart Community Council would be holding a party on Saturday 19th August.

Council Lets

It was noted that updated information about lets has been received. With janitor contracts expiring at 4pm any lets past that would need to include costs for the room and janitor to stay on duty. The other option would be to use Merrylee’s feeder secondary school where the only expense would be the room let cost.


It was requested that parents are encouraged to not park close to the school but rather to park around the corner and walk down the lane due to how busy traffic is.

8. Date of next meeting: Monday 18th September 2023 6:30pm – 8:00pm at Merrylee Primary School Dining Hall