PC meeting minutes 14.09.20

This Parent Council meeting took place online, due to Covid 19 restrictions.

Merryle Primary School

Parent Council Meeting: minutes

14 September 2020, via Zoom

  1. Welcome, introductions, agree minute-taker

Stephen welcomed all to the meeting. Carolyn Lochhead agreed to take minutes.

  • Approval of previous minutes

Minutes of previous meeting approved.

  • Parent Council Office-bearers

Stephen Bishop nominated as Chair by Cara and seconded by Phil

Stephen and June will discuss June possibly taking on treasurer role: in the meantime Sarah will fill in. Stephen nominated Carolyn Lochhead as secretary, Yla seconded.

  • COVID-19 response

Colette gave update: key points:

  • Updated on all safety measures in place: Colette has told parents about these via written guidance
  • There are no positive cases in school yet – Colette has circulated guidance on what would happen if there was one.
  • The current curriculum is a recovery programme – focusing on emotional wellbeing. There is a big focus on outdoor PE and learning. The whole school has been using Emotion Works programme – can view this online. Emotionworks.org.uk
  • Some children are isolating because of family members with symptoms or for other reasons – school is sending out home work packs where needed: not using IT so as not to exclude people.
  • School has been allocated a new teacher Mrs Joanne Boyle and new probation teacher in P5 Miss Ree to help deal with Covid-19 impact.
  • Communication with parents – can communicate with teacher through Seesaw but need teacher to send message first – let Mrs Haddock, Mrs Mcelhone or Miss Kirk know of any problems.
  • Seesaw is preferred method because emails to teachers tend to get lost – urgent messages should be emailed to above or phoned to school. It is fine to email management team
  • Can’t plan for parents’ meetings just now.
  • Thanked those who have helped with gardening.

Questions from parents included whether parents’ evenings could be held online or on the phone: Colette advised that Zoom is not available on council devices and that there are only a few phones in school with outside lines, so this would not be possible. There were also questions about PPE and social distancing: Colette advised that there are some Perspex screens in use and that face masks were a matter of personal choice at the moment. 

5: Parking Zones

Colette gave update on the proposal to restrict parking at the start and end of school day, starting in October. The proposal has  been circulated to parents and info is available on GCC website. There is a meeting with Cllr Stephen Curran about the issue soon – Colette will circulate the Zoom link to the Parent Council. Parents can email Colette with any comments – this is encouraged.

Jon Molyneux proposed a school walking bus initiative: this is an escorted walk to school service run by a group of parent volunteers. He requested that the Parent Council circulate a survey to gauge interest in using and volunteering for this. DECISION: Council agreed to do this – ACTION – JON WILL PUT TOGETHER SURVEY, COLETTE WILL CIRCULATE

6. Connect Scotland

Carolyn gave update. Glasgow City Council has purchased Connect insurance coverage for all parent councils. This covers public liability, employers’ liability , loss of money and personal accident. All parents can register at https://connect.scot/register to access members-only resources, including info sessions, a members-only Facebook group and email support. We need to update our contact details with Connect with a generic email address: one does exist which is contactus@merryleepc.org.uk  – ACTION – CAROLYN TO FIND OUT WHO HAS ACCESS TO THIS.

7. Uniform

Miss Kirkwood gave update on the new logo: Campbell’s and BE schoolwear will be using up their old stock before moving to the new logo, Schoolwear and Blossoms are now using it. Colette confirmed that, as windows are now open more due to COVID guidance, it is fine for pupils to wear thick non-uniform jumpers. 

Colette reminded parents to name uniform – lost property is building up again. Lost property will be put outside the P2 door on the last Friday of the month – parents can check then but cannot come into school to look for lost property at any other time.

8. Zoom account for PC/PA

Cara gave update: we can get a free subscription with up to 100 participants and 40 minutes. £190.90 will buy unlimited time for up to 100 participants: can pay monthly.

Jacqui Clark suggested using Google Meet – unlimited call times and participants. ACTION – CAROLYN TO SET UP NEW ACCOUNT AND TRY USING IT FOR NEXT MEETING. YVONNE WILL LOOK INTO PRIVACY IMPLICATIONS.

9. AGM

We are required to hold an AGM – DECISION: meeting agreed we are happy to do this online. Can use Eventbrite. ACTION – STEPHEN AND CAROLYN TO PROPOSE A DATE AND CHECK THIS WITH COLETTE.

Stephen proposed using AGM to establish what skills are available within the parent body.

10. PC Treasurer’s report

We get a grant every year from Council: usually £400. Only outgoing is for web hosting to maintain the Parent Council website: expecting invoice shortly. Balance is c£1,000. Yla suggested funding for Merrylee Greenfingers, to plant bulbs for spring and potentially invest in some equipment. DECISION – Council happy to approve expenditure of up to £200 for Greenfingers scheme. ACTION – Yla will put together a costed proposal.


Colette advised that Fit n Fruity Friday will not be happening for the moment because all children have an outdoor day once a week.

Jacqui raised that she has maintained the Parent Council website for some time but that this is her final year at Merrylee: may be that website needs to move to a free simple host. ACTION: Colette will speak to Mrs Timoney for advice.

Mrs Mcelhone gave a digital update. Ipads for P7 pupils are being distributed w/b 27th October. These will be accompanied by pupil home school agreements and guidance for parents. Shared ipads for other stages are set to be deployed before Christmas. Wifi remediation is set to take place shortly so can access wifi in all parts of the building. Lots of teachers are now Apple certified teachers and Seesaw ambassadors.

The issue of giant hogweed was raised: this is not actually on school grounds, but the school             has contacted the owner to ask for it to be investigated.