Merrylee Primary School Parent Council AGM

The Annual General meeting took place online on 26 October 2020.

6.30PM – 8.00PM

Attendance – parents: Stephen Bishop (Chair), Carolyn Lochhead (Secretary), Laura Kennedy, Jackie Clark (Chair of Parent Association), Sarah Kingwell (Treasurer of Parent Association) Mel Unkles, Lee Clark, Thomas Lauritzen, Cara Wightman, Fiona Shearer, Gail Cameron, Clara Orofino, Donna Mason, Kirsty Macmillan, Rubina Khan, Yvonne McFadden, Alan Govan, Colin Howden, Phil Goodlad, Rebecca Reynolds, Tomasso Petillo, June McIntyre, Joanne Ferguson, Mahmood Abuyahya, Alan Brodie

Staff Mrs Haddock, Mrs Kirk, Mrs Duncan, Mrs Shearer

  1. Welcome and introductions 

Stephen welcomed everyone to the meeting. The office bearers introduced themselves.

  • Headteachers report 

Mrs Haddock reflected on the highly unusual year and the impact of coronavirus, which has meant parents have been unable to join with the usual activities like paired reading, fundraising and school trips. However the school still strongly values the relationship with parents: Mrs Haddock noted in particular the efforts of the Green Fingers group in improving the school environment and of the Parent Association in, among other things, decorating the school for Halloween. The school priorities for this year are raising attainment, learning and teaching – these have not been compromised in any way. Mrs Haddock confirmed that the school is following all relevant safety guidance and can provide learning packs for children who are self-isolating. As part of the ipad deployment programme, the P7s were issued with ipads today, with deployment to the rest of the school to follow and additional support from Glasgow City Council for families for whom access to technology has been difficult. In response to a question, Mrs Haddock confirmed that pupil committees have continued over from last year, to give the children the chance to finish their projects. The school hopes to find a new way of running committees while continuing to keep the year groups apart. 

  • Parent Council Office Bearers 

Stephen proposed Laura Kennedy as Treasurer, Jackie seconded. 

DECISION: Laura Kennedy appointed as Treasurer.

  • Parent Association Office Bearers. 

Jackie gave update: Yla Barrie is now co-chair this year, Julia Chau and Melissa Jacob have taken on the role of co-secretary, Sarah Kingwell continuing as treasurer

  • Report on the work of Parent Council

Carolyn Lochhead gave a report on the work of the Parent Council over the last year: see attached report. 

  • Report on work of Parent Association

Jackie Clark gave a report on the work of the Parent Association. The PA is a sub-group of the PC, whose purpose is to bring parents, staff and children together through events to widen the sense of community, raise funds and have fun. Fundraising contributes directly to the educational and  social costs of school. The aim is to minimise costs for families and maximise opportunities. The PA normally meets on the last Wednesday of the month but is meeting less frequently just now. Jackie recorded her thanks to Duncan Thomson who has been minutes secretary for several years, and also noted the outgoing PC Chair Humera Ashraf’s great contribution to the PA, and of Donna Mason who served as secretary in past years. In 2019/20 the usual calendar of events was cut short but the majority of fundraising events took place. These included school photos, seasonal cards and the Christmas fair. At the moment the PA is concentrating on building connections and bringing the whole school community together, as with the current Halloween trail which has around 90 families signed up to take part. The PA has a closed Facebook group for Merrylee parents: search on Facebook for Merrylee Parents Association. Jackie recorded her thanks to all families within the school community for volunteering, prizes,  and sharing their skills. She also noted her thanks to the school management team and to the wider PA. Mrs Kirk thanked Jackie and the whole PA for the fabulous Halloween decorations. 

  • Parent Skills Needed

Carolyn Lochhead outlined the skills that the PC hope to recruit this year: see attached report.  In particular we need a website volunteer and a social media volunteer. Tommy Petillo volunteered to help with the website. 

ACTION: Carolyn to follow up with Tommy. Anyone else interested in helping should email

  • Report of PC Accounts

Stephen Bishop presented the Parent Council accounts for the financial year ending in June 2020 – see attached report. He noted that signs relating to dogs being banned from school premises were bought in that financial year but not claimed for: this has been carried over to the new financial year. The accounts were proposed by Phil Goodlad and seconded by Laura Kennedy. 

DECISION: the accounts were accepted by the Parent Council. 

  • Report of PA accounts

Sarah Kingwell presented the Parent Association accounts for the financial year ending in June 2020 – see attached report. She confirmed that they had been independently reviewed. In response to a question, she noted that last year the Association started the year with a healthy bank balance, but this is much lower this year as the Association had decided to hand over as much money as possible to the school so it could put it to good use. Mrs Haddock confirmed that thanks to the excellent fundraising efforts by the Association in previous years, the school was well positioned and a decrease in fundraising this year would not have a material impact on the children’s educational experiences. There  was a suggestion that the Association try to organise an event in schools with an optional donation: Mrs Haddock confirmed that the current Halloween celebrations are a good way to trial different ways of fundraising and including children. The accounts were proposed by Phil Goodlad and seconded by Laura Kennedy. 

DECISION: the accounts were accepted by the Parent Council. 

  1. AOB

Alan Brodie had asked for an update on the decision taken during 2019 to ban dogs from school grounds. Mrs Haddock confirmed that signs have been ordered and recently put up and the school handbook has been updated. There had also been a plan to make a film: this was shot before lockdown but now requires editing as it depicts scene that do not comply with social distancing requirements.  dogs being banned from school grounds. 

ACTION: Phil Goodlad to complete the film. 

Sarah Kingwell raised the issue of road safety and parking issues around Langside Drive and Mochrum Road in light of the new car-free zone at drop off and pick up times. This has been exacerbated by the fact that the tennis club car park is now only for members.  Visibility is very poor when crossing on Langside Drive. Sarah has raised this with Glasgow City Council and encouraged other parents to do the same. Mrs Haddock confirmed that Glasgow City Council is going to update the signage around the school regarding the car-free zone, to extend this until 3.30pm. Mrs Haddock also mentioned that Glasgow City Council is seeking to recruit a lollipop person who could potentially be positioned at the problem area. Phil Goodlad reported that at a meeting with Glasgow City Council prior to the implementation of the car-free zone, the Council advised that any concerns about parking or non-compliance with the zone should be reported to police on 101 or via the local police station. This allows police to build up a picture of issues.Yvonne McFadden reported that the 20 zone signs don’t flash and need repaired. 

ACTION – Parent Council to ask police for more support in implementing the car-free zone.

ACTION – Parent Council to contact Glasgow City Council regarding the flashing 20 zone signs. 

ACTION Mrs Haddock will link the Parent Council with the Council at OLA so we can work together on this.  

Stephen thanked everyone for attending, confirmed that the next meeting is 7th December and closed the meeting.