Minutes: 21-22 AGM

The 21-22 AGM took place on 12th September at the school. This is a shorter version of the minutes: parents receive the full version via Seesaw.

1. Welcome and introductions

Stephen welcomed everyone to the meeting.

2. Approval of minutes and update on actions

The minutes of the previous meeting were proposed by Stephen and seconded by Cara.

Update on actions from last time 

– Laura transferred money to Green Fingers as agreed. 

– Stephen has been in touch with Tommy re setting up a meeting on security in the playground, this has not yet progressed.. 

3. Headteacher Update

Colette gave an update. Key points were:

  • The school’s vision and values were developed with pupils and teachers just before Covid and are still highly relevant
  • The schools’ 2022 School Improvement Plan is based on feedback from parents: this year there is a particular focus on transitions
  • In 2021-22 the school used £4,031.59 of the School Fund, which comes from the PA’s fundraising.  Colette thanked the PA for all their hard work. 
  • Colette shared a breakdown of how the Covid recovery fund was used. 
  • The Pupil Equity Fund last year was used for 0.5 additional teacher and a Support for Learning worker. This year Merrylee will use the funding for 0.5 teacher and resources to ensure equitable opportunities for all families. 
  • The Pupil Equity Fund is based on the number of pupils who are entitled to free school meals: Colette encouraged everyone who is eligible to register, so the school receives the correct amount of funding.
  • The Cost of the School Day project is a useful resource which Colette encouraged parents to look at. The school tries to reduce the cost of the school day in many different ways, such as preloved item swaps, subsidising events and providing free books at Parents’ Night. Colette acknowledged the work of parents in making many of these happen and thanked everyone for their help. 

4. Report on the work of the PC

Carolyn gave a report on the work of the PC. Key points:

  • the PC has met three times since the last AGM
  • Key areas of focus have included strengthening our links with other PCs in our area and school community, working with the council to site a lollipop person at Langside Drive and working with councillors, the police and council to enforce the car-free zone outside the school at the start and end of the school day
  • All parents can access resources from Connect (formerly the Scottish Parent Teacher Council)

5. Report on the work of the PA

Yla gave a report on the Parent Association, which undertakes fundraising and activities for the school. Key points were:

  • There are lots of opportunities to get involved with the PC – the next meeting is 28 September, contact merryleepa@hotmail.com to find out more
  • Fundraising activities last year included commissioning class photos, running book fairs, selling seasonal items such as coasters, providing passive fundraising opportunities  such as Amazon Smile
  • Events included the Hallowe’en Monster Mash, Christmas Elfinlee, online raffle, summer fair and Party on the Pitch
  • As part of Merrylee’s commitment to being an Eco School, the PC arranged various clothes swaps to encourage parents to reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Merrylee Green Fingers gardening project is actively seeking volunteers 
  • There are many ways to fundraise for the school, many of which don’t require much effort. In particular, registering with www.easyfundraising.org.uk means the school will get money when people shop online with shops like M&S, George@Asda and Clarks. 

6. Report of PC accounts and formal approval

Stephen presented the PC’s annual accounts. Colin proposed, Rubina seconded. AGREED: accounts approved. 

7. Report of PA Accounts and formal approval

Sarah presented the accounts for the PA. Colin proposed, Rubina seconded. AGREED: accounts approved. 

8. Parent Council Officer bearers – confirmation of roles and formal appointment

  • Colin Howden was elected as Chair- Stephen proposed, Carolyn seconded 
  • Nicole Smith was elected as Secretary – Carolyn proposed, Elise seconded
  • Laura Kennedy was re-elected as Treasurer- Stephen proposed, Carolyn seconded

We are also looking for a Social Media Manager to assist Rubina in managing our Facebook page: please email merryleepc@gmail.com if interested.

9. AOB 

  • Merrylee Bike Bus

Carolyn gave an update on this on behalf of Clara Orofino: Clara hopes to get a Bike Bus started at Merrylee in the coming weeks, and has met the Council’s Road Safety Officer to walk the proposed route. Email merryleepc@gmail.com if you would like to get involved. 

  • Lollipop person at Langside Drive

In response to a question, Stephen confirmed that the lollipop person at Langside Drive has retired. The council had recruited a replacement but they chose not to take up the role, so they are now recruiting again. Stephen will follow up. ACTION: Stephen to contact Glasgow City Council. 

  • Mrs McElhone 

 Colette congratulated Julie McElhone, who will shortly move to Pollokshields Primary to take up a role as Acting Headteacher. 

10. Date of next meeting:

  • Monday 7th November 6.30-8pm via Zoom